Enigmas of Spring

JoĆ£o Almino (publisher Record, 2015)

Pedro Meira Monteiro

Candid and profound reflection on the lack of alternatives, this book is also about the reason, coupled with the imagination, brings forth outputs. Not the abstract reason and omnipotent, able to promote the horror, but a reason that wants to test the world and learn in the perennial struggle between tolerance and intolerance.

The quixotic step of the narrative, the books are inscribed in the book, the failed hero, religion and faith, the East and West, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, Brazil and the world, it condenses this novel in which youth and politics join hands, as we remember, not so long ago, the impossible still seemed necessary and urgent.

On the most dubious springs, the search protagonist, confused and insatiable, the horizon that comforts but insists on doing far. This is a book about the theft of utopia, and is therefore about our time. But it is also, at the end, a bet high and sound in the revival of hope. Spring puzzles, in short, is about the time when the future and the desire are, having the writer as unique and anguished witness.